Digital Transformation

The world we operate in is moving faster than ever before. Organisations are having to adapt to change as they face new challenges from disruptive technology, innovation and regulatory demands. We believe data is at the heart of successful change.

Rockit helps companies ensure the quality, availability, integrity, security and usability of data, in a way that is practical and scalable, helps reduce costs, mitigate risks and optimise performance.

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Becoming a data-driven business

As companies start to mature their modern data platforms and move data into the cloud, it is becoming increasingly important for business decision makers to understand the end-to-end journey of data. Whether this is customer data, product data or supplier data or transactions such as orders or payments, knowing how critical business data flows is essential for business operations and analytics.

To benefit from digital transformation, many companies are undergoing rapid change to embrace new technologies and adopt a data-driven culture. This can be challenging with increasingly complex technology infrastructure, migration of services to the cloud, new analytics models, hyperautomation - in addition to legal and compliance demands - mean that transparency and control of data is now more important than ever.

Rockit helps companies accelerate Digital Transformation initiatives by improving data visibility and control. Our experience is hands-on and practical based on working with different types of organisation across multiple industry sectors. Our focus is on using data to optimise performance and deliver tangible cost and operational benefits to business supply chains.

Optimising Operations

Understanding critical data flows between technology platforms is essential for building effective data supply chains.

BI and Data Analytics

Analytic models require data engineering pipelines to provision the right data to meet business intelligence needs.

Compliance and Security

Regulations such as GDPR require a comprehensive understanding of data processing and ensuring the right controls are in place.

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